Inflatable components are essential for many sporting activities, especially in gymnastics, dancing, and martial arts. The main benefits are:

  • Safety
  • Easy to fold
  • Small store space
  • Durability
  • Wide range of usage
  • Flexibility (puzzle system)
  • Acceptable price

With 11 years of experience in inflatable components production we are developing:

  • Top quality products
  • New products never seen before
  • The best possible price


We cooperate with German Heytex PVC double wall fabric manufacturer. According to our partner, our DWF products are superior in design (curves and stiches) and meet 0 air leak standards. For that reason, they recommend us to their most valued clients.


We get the same recommendations from our partner Orca hypalon (CSM) double wall fabric manufacturer, for whom we make demo samples for their exhibitions on fairs.


HOT Products:



Mainly we produce double wall fabric (DWF) air tracks. Usually we use German Heytex DWF because they offer top quality fabric, with all certificates (toxins free, REACH, CE, DIN…).

Sizes of the air tracks are based on DWF width, it is 150 cm. But we can make any size if we glue two or more parts together.

We are limited in heghts only:   10,15,20 and 33 cm.                                  Sport10

Higher solutions are made from two layers of DWF.


We can make any size, color, with print  …



Product is still under development. But prototype works very well. We can make any size, what we have tested is 4x3x1m size. We can put extra top layer spikes (shoes) resistible fabric for jump/acrobatic landing.



DWF fabric can also be used for:


  • Wall for tennis
  • Dividing wall for heat and noise insulation
  • Stage seating for people
  • Slider/bouncer for kids and adults
  • Inflatable floor for all kind of gym

Many more, check




Inflatable air floor solution has become one of the most practical and popular solutions for outside activities, and a must have for RV owners (camping & caravanning).

Our company has its own R&D department, and we are proud that our air floor solutions are among the best in the world regarding quality of workmanship and the materials selected.


Comparing to similar products on the market, our inflatable air floor solution have an “upper hand” over competition:


  • small and light when packed in the bag
  • completely mobile
  • pleasurable and non-slip surface
  • easy to clean and maintain, superior UV protection
  • multifunctional usage (as a water raft, artificial beach, nautical platform, etc.)













We produce air floor from PVC or Hypalon. For price sensitive customers, we can use PVC+PU (% of PU could be different, from 5% to 50%), which represents good price-performance compromise.