DWF boat platforms offer you:

  •  more space on your boat for swimming, sunbathing, dish washing, equipment storage, etc.
  • easy entry and exit from water, especially for children
  • elegant and dry access to coast
  • comfortable bed on the rocky coast
  • water activities: volleyball, slide, etc.
  • additional longitudinal and transverse stabilization of an anchored boat
  • protection against accidental kicks in propellers
  • rescue stretcher or additional vessel in case of emergency
  • replacement for stairs or gangway
  • additional flat fender
  • stable cleaning platform
  • and so much more!

Techical information:

  • material: DWF (double-wall fabric) PVC or Hypalon
  • possible heights in cm: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40
  • weight: from 3 to 5 kg / m2 (depending on the material and additional layers)
  • pressure: working 300-400 mbar, tested 1 bar
  • inflation and deflation time: few minutes (depending on volume)
  • bag size: similar to tennis bag (depending on square footage)

Additional tips:

  • design your own shape (e.g. in the form of the hull on the boat, etc.).
  • put DWF platform under the existing platform, in order to increase the stability of the platform and of the anchored boat
  • design handles and ropes so that platform can stay inflated while you are off the boat or even during gliding
  • adapt your platform for dragging it by boat or jet in order to carry more people or equipment and to gain a bigger rescue utility, etc.